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1776 Holiday Graphics 4
Our client 1776 Fitness Group, which is a 24hr fitness center and gym, came to us for help with some of their promotional events they were planning on holding to reach more people in and around Statesville. They needed a series of fun and festive graphics to feature on promotional products, including event flyers and fun t-shirts, for several holiday events.

These designs needed to evoke a fun, festive, and lighthearted spirit encouraging people to come out and have fun, while also staying true to the brand and the elements within. They also needed to be versatile enough to be incorporated into all of the event flyers and t-shirts needed to promote the events. We wanted the logo to be what connected the brand into the graphic, which featured a holiday flair for both the Christmas and the Halloween designs. The end result is a clearly recognizable homage to their original logo with a fun holiday twist!
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1776 Holiday Graphics 2
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