Fifth Street Ministries

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5th Street Branding Case Study 2
Fifth Street Ministries, along with its programs, were seeing some confusion among the local community. While Fifth Street offered a variety of services, it was being viewed as and only known for its Shelter Services. We partnered with them to see what strategies would work best for their long-term and short-term needs.

The plan of action was to create a logo that connected the namesake location as the hub of the brand (the 5th Street sign). From that point we branded the services branching from that hub to unify the brand, and its services, as a singular entity. This solution resolved any questions about who provides the services and allow them to better serve community members with all the services easily Identifiable as part of Fifth Street Ministries.
5th Street Branding
5th Street Branding Case Study
5th Street Case Study
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