Beach Easy Collateral

Layout and Design

With Spring Break and beach season just around the corner, once we'd finished partnering with the Myrtle Beach area Chamber of Commerce and Grand Strand Brewing to bring Beach Easy to life, the next step was raising awareness. We wanted to bring the same modern retro feel and simple layout to our collateral design that we brought to the beer packaging, reflecting the same Beach Easy lifestyle that's all about bringing that simple joy everywhere you go.

Myrtle Beach is home to many memories from the past, along with memories being made. Bringing to mind the thoughts of easy days on the beach, the Beach Easy branding is a feeling you can taste and bring with you anywhere. Our collateral design is an extension of the same weightless, timeless, and simple beach-inspired feel that was told in the Beach Easy packaging. We enjoyed our time collaborating on the Beach Easy project to bring the laid-back Myrtle Beach lifestyle to life.

Find it at Grand Strand Brewing or The Hangout at Myrtle Beach, or buy it at Total Wine and bring it wherever your adventures take you next.
Beach Easy Labels
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