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Red Suit Fun is a party entertainment business, bringing the fun to family gatherings and social events in the Statesville and surrounding areas. Since its beginnings as a small startup, Red Suit Fun has expanded to offer various different party entertainment brands with services ranging from holiday offerings to DJ and trackless train rentals.
With these changes being made and more on the horizon, Red Suit Fun came to us with a unique challenge. They needed a custom site with a single cohesive design that is scalable and adaptable to fit the variety of brands and services that are all housed under the umbrella of Red Suit Fun. This all needed to be housed on a platform that could support this and future changes, which made it the perfect challenge for our GryphonCMS system.

Our team came together to create the result- Red Suit Fun's new fully custom site featuring a design made with all of the above functionality in mind. From the captivating showcase of previous events, to the fun features to encourage viewer participation, and even the integration with their booking service, Red Suit Fun’s new website serves each of these needs and has the capability to adapt and expand with the future.
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