The Gondolier

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Right in the heart of downtown Statesville, The Gondolier offers amazing and authentic Gelato, chocolate, and bakery treats. We had the joy of working with this amazing startup right from the beginning, allowing us to help influence the brand strategy from the ground up. Helping to both build this amazing brand, and prepare the shop, from the very beginning was an amazing opportunity and we are excited to see The Gelato grow to its full potential.
From the beginning, the idea for both the name and logo was there. The imagery draws from the real Gondoliers in Italy, reflecting the authentic and traditional style of the Gelato that they offer. Beyond the inspired imagery reflecting their brand story, every aspect of this branding project was designed intentionally with functionality in mind. From social media, signage, and merchandise to their custom website design which was the next step in their branding journey, the Gondolier is set up for success!
The Gondolier
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