The Gondolier

Website Design

Located in downtown Statesville, The Gondolier serves up amazing bakery, chocolate and Gelato treats, all made authentically. We had the amazing opportunity to help this startup build their brand from the bottom up, designing their branding both artistically and intentionally for use across multiple channels.

With branding complete, the next step for The Gondolier was a custom website. With growth in mind, we built The Gondolier website on our very own GryphonCMS platform, which offers functions that templated sites do not. Beyond simply offering a fully custom experience and design, working in our GryphonCMS allowed us to effectively build in integrations to their point of sale service as well as Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

With this brand's growth mindset, building on a custom platform was the right choice. From additional locations to menu changes, no matter what the future might hold for The Gondolier, with our adaptive and custom site they will be poised to meet any changes that can come down the road.
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The Gondolier
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