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Full branding logo design for caudle coin - gold on black

The branding and logo we created for Caudle Coin and Currency was designed to bring out the passion they bring to coin collecting and educating collectors about the art of coin collecting. Caudle Coin and Currency offers valuation and education for collectors who need to know more about their collections, as well as an ever-changing inventory of currency stock available for sale or trade. Their online auctions are another way they bring the coin collecting community together.

For their logo, Caudle Coin wanted a classic look, that communicated their expertise and knowledge in their field. The imagery drawing inspiration from the back of a classic Mercury Dime gives the logo a sharp and eye-catching look, while the black and gold colors and weighted columns in the text exemplify the classic look that Caudle Coin was looking for to ultimately create a timeless, clearly-defined brand identity.

Branding Design for Caudle Coin Print Media Design North Carolina
Caudle Coin logo and branding design - Statesville NC
caudle logo design and branding for Statesville NC